It’s all about exhaust heat management. Preventing heat from escaping the exhaust and turbo systems can significantly reduce the more negative effects of the internal combustion engine.

The results can be dramatic. Just a 25°C drop in under bonnet/air intake temperature can yield a 5% increase in power – a real bonus not just in the highly competitive world of motorsport but also for road vehicles.


Woof TMT ceramic coatings are already in use by some of the leading teams competing in popular motorsports including:

  • Formula 1
  • Le Mans
  • Time attack
  • Touring cars
  • GT Racers
  • Classic rally
  • Classic race
  • National and cup racing
  • S2000 rally cars
  • Track day users

Road Vehicles

An increasing number of road vehicles are now also benefiting from the performance, aesthetic and protective enhancements offered by Woof TMT ceramic coatings.

  • Supercars
  • Standard road vehicles
  • Classic cars