What are Ceramic Coatings?

Already widely used in aerospace and aggressive conditions such as the nuclear industry, in the automotive field they first emerged as white exhaust coatings in the 1990s and are now routinely applied to many of the new breed of turbo-charged four wheel drive world rally cars.

What Components are they used on?

Exhaust Manifold with white ceramic coatingRadiated temperatures of up to 200oC are possible in the vicinity of hot exhausts and turbos; ceramic coatings effectively keep the heat where you want it and keep it away from where you don’t! In the automotive industry, they are now used on areas including exhausts, turbo housings, heat shields and brake components. Find out about specific coatings and colour options here.

Their efficacy was evidenced by the interest shown by world leading teams who were only interested in the highest performance in the most extreme conditions, and many serious competitors now use ceramic coatings technology on their four wheel drive turbo vehicles, from Subaru through to Mitsubishi.

These highly advanced plasma spray applied ceramic coatings bond to the substrate, offering low thermal conductivity, reduced engine bay temperatures and increased exhaust velocity. They are also used to protect steel exhaust systems against corrosion.

In the competitive world of motorsport, use of the coatings has now become widespread.

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