Thermal barrier coatings

WOOF, the original, premium performance plasma ceramic coating, is magnesia / zirconia. This offers the best thermal barrier coating and it has been widely used in the six years that Woof have been applying these coatings. The coating is cream / white in colour and has a slightly rough surface texture and offers the best thermal barrier coating. The cream / white colour means that it will readily show any dirt which adheres to the surface during fitting, maintenance or use.

Woof also offer a dark coloured plasma ceramic coating – alumina / titania. This has a blue appearance. It offers similar reductions in surface temperature, though the radiation of heat from this coating is a little greater than with magnesia zirconia.

In all except the most extreme cases this coating gives the performance advantage, without the drawback of holding dirt. This coating stays smarter looking, where looks matter.


WOOF coloured ceramic coatings are refered to as:

  • WOOF White
  • WOOF Black
  • WOOF Grey

Engineering services

In addition to thermal spray coatings WOOF Themal Managment Technology also offer precision engineering services.

These include:

  • CAD, design & 3D modelling
  • Precision grinding
  • Milling & turning
  • Static & dynamic balancing
  • CNC machining
  • Powder coating